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Professional Collections

Interregional Credit Systems, Inc. has been representing clients for commercial and consumer collection services since 1982. 


Our experience is here to help you recover past due accounts. Services include skip tracing and investigating, evening and weekend collection work, filing bankruptcy proofs of claim, working with attorneys to prepare and follow up on lawsuits, and reporting our progress back to you. 

Getting the job done

We recover accounts with credit/debit cards, ACH, check or money order and PayPal. Return envelopes are provided to the customers, along with copies of your documentation to cut down on stall tactics and disputes. Accounting is handled twice monthly so that you receive your proceeds quickly as recoveries are made. 


Credit applications


Interregional has developed a credit application with the input from several national credit managers. This credit application includes important information gathering sections along with contract language and finance charges where applicable. We offer this free of charge to our clients to use as it is, or to gain ideas from it to improve your existing credit application.

Personal guarantees


The credit application we developed includes a section for personal guarantees. Personal guarantees provide additional opportunity to recover from individuals in the event the debtor corporation goes out of business, providing that the personal guarantors have not filed bankruptcy. 

Bank and Trade reference forms


Bank and trade reference forms are available free of charge to our clients as an additional means of gathering credit information. The signature section of these forms includes authorization to check with the customer's bank and business references.

Discussion of accounts


We are pleased to discuss accounts with you. Even prior to placing accounts for collection we invite you to call and discuss them with us so that we may help you determine your best course of action.



Lawsuits are not filed without your prior authorization. We provide you with background to help you decide which files may make sense to proceed on. We coordinate everything with the attorney firms handling the cases and make the process simple for you. When lawsuits are filed you can expect updates from us regarding process service, judgment and post-judgment remedies. 

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