Interregional Credit Systems, Inc.

Welcome to Interregional Credit Systems, Inc.

Placing accounts with Interregional


Providing documentation

We take the time to attach your documentation to our initial demand letters to help cut down on stall tactics and disputes. It also helps to provide us with a history of the file. We recommend that you include a statement of account or invoices for each claim sent in to us. If you have credit applications, personal guarantees, bad checks, or additional contact information it can be useful to us if that is also included. We otherwise can request additional documentation from you as needed.

Sending in accounts

The simplest method of placing accounts is to email us at with statements or other documentation that you are including with each file. If you prefer to use a placement form please download the pdf files below or contact us to mail them to you. Accounts may also be sent by fax to us at 763-592-7994 or mailed to:

Interregional Credit Systems, Inc.

P.O. Box 490262

Minneapolis, MN  55449

Acknowledgements and reporting

When you place accounts for collection we will acknowledge back to you so that you are aware we received the claims. We send out an open account report to you automatically at the end of each month or any time upon request. Closed account reports for any time frame are done at any time upon request. We also report to you individually on the files we are handling for you, most often by email. We welcome you to check in with us at any time with questions or to discuss any of the files we are working on for you.

Placement form

If you prefer to use a placement form the pdf files below can be printed and sent to us by email, fax or mail. The Placement Form pdf includes a Free Demand notice if you choose to use it. We can also mail you Free Demand placement forms upon request.